The Atlantic Raid

    Being a social female rider, in a group of friends who rode the Atlantic Raid, I was unsure if I was capable of the six day cycle. Much to my surprise I found I was not out of my depth mainly because of the help of Scot and his team. At no time was I pressured or felt unable to complete the journey. We all had mechanical support and loads of goodies to get us up the hills. The scenery was amazing and our group of nine took tons of wonderful footage in the remote north of Scotland. We are already talking about a return visit next year. Many thanks to Skinny Tyres!

    Ride Grade – Challenging

    For a day by day itinerary, click here.

    In the 8th and 9th Centuries the Vikings raided the West Coast of Scotland.

    In the 21st century you will have a similar opportunity.

    The steel weapons of the Vikings will be replaced with legs of steel, riding two wheeled battle machines of carbon, titanium and aluminium.

    Your plan of attack will be over 345 miles of the most stunning coastal scenery in Europe. Riding from Lochinver in the far North West to Oban in the South West, we will hug the Atlantic coastline. Our route will lead you over the shoulders of mountains, through deep glens shrouded with ancient oak woodland, past ruined castles and alongside lochs that have been gouged out over millennia by glaciers.

    The ride will be run over seven days and include all accommodation and meals, plus the attention to details that you can only expect with a Skinny Tyres trip. Just what you need after a day’s battle in the saddle.

    Be prepared: “No battle is won in bed” – Get out and ride< The Havamal – Viking Book of Wisdom