• Obree the Maverick

      Obree the Maverick

      The Obree Way – A training manual for cyclists. World Champion cyclist Graeme Obree can never be accused of being conventional; quite the opposite in fact. It is his maverick and eccentric approach to cycling and cycle sport that has endeared him to millions of cyclists around the world. Unfortunately, to some of the more… Read More

    • The Anatomy of Cycling

      The Anatomy of Cycling

      Anatomy of Cycling Hands up who thinks cycling is all about leg strength? If so, then go to the back of the class. This is a common misconception among many riders, and can be dangerous as a primary focus on leg strength can cause an imbalance in the body, which leads to injury. In fact,… Read More

    • Cycling the same old roads

      Cycling the same old roads

      Even after years of cycling the same routes, some rides can still be a voyage of discovery. Everyone who cycles builds up a repertoire of their favourite routes, and over time these rides become so familiar that you become aware of all the peculiarities and features of that route. Among a group of my friends… Read More

    • Youth Cycle Racing

      Youth Cycle Racing

      If you want to get your kids to eat their greens, then enter them in a bike race. The Commissaire stood with his starting pistol in the air, “The race will start within the next 15 seconds”, he shouted to the riders who sat on their bikes with a look of absolute concentration on their… Read More

    • Castelli Fusione Windstopper Jacket

      Castelli Fusione Windstopper Jacket

      Castelli Fusione Windstopper Jacket Let the Castelli Scorpion take the sting out of your winter ride I have a certain nostalgic tendency towards cycling and my preference is always for Italian. It’s not just a romantic notion though, as the Italians have a passion not just to produce the best, but to do it in… Read More