• The Future of Cycling is in the Balance

      The Future of Cycling is in the Balance

      A Fine Art of Balancing Watch the video As a cycle coach one of the most common questions I get asked by parents of young children is, “What is the quickest way to get my child to learn to ride a bike?” my immediate and unwavering response is get them a balance bike. Both of… Read More

    • Get in the right gear

      Getting in the right gear for cycling doesn’t mean donning your best lycra. Using the gears on your bike correctly will make cycling easier and more pleasurable, but unfortunately the subject of gears can add a whole new layer of confusion to cycling to the point that many just avoid the subject completely. However it… Read More

    • An interview with Dame Sarah Storey

      An interview with Dame Sarah Storey

      Scot Tares has a chat with the UK’s most successful Paralympian ever: Dame Sarah Storey. Dame Sarah Storey had an incredible year in 2012, with many wins in road and track cycling, topped off with four Gold Medals and a World Record at the Paralympics which brought her overall tally to 11 Gold, eight Silver… Read More

    • Scotland the Great

      Scotland the Great

      Wherever he cycles in the world Scot Tares finds that Scotland is hard to beat. As I rode, numbers raced through my head: four miles to go to the top; my average speed was 12 miles per hour, giving an ascent time of approximately 20 minutes; my pedal cadence was 80 revolutions per minute, giving… Read More

    • Obree the Maverick

      Obree the Maverick

      The Obree Way – A training manual for cyclists. World Champion cyclist Graeme Obree can never be accused of being conventional; quite the opposite in fact. It is his maverick and eccentric approach to cycling and cycle sport that has endeared him to millions of cyclists around the world. Unfortunately, to some of the more… Read More