• Improve your pedalling

      Get more out of your cycling by creating a more efficient pedal stroke. You’ve spent a lot of money on your bike and invested countless hours in all weathers to get fitter and faster on your bike, but if your pedal technique is inefficient, then you are expending a lot more energy and effort than you need to…. Read More

    • The biley-up and drum-up

      Scot Tares tells us of the “old-days” when a cup of tea was enough to let you cycle 280 miles in one day. There used to be a time when the “biley-up” was a key part of cycling club tradition. The impromptu stop to brew up a pot of water for a cup of tea… Read More

    • Cycling Clubs

      Scot Tares finds cycling can be fun if you club together. Last week I was sent a couple of photographs from a Courier reader who cycled with my Dad in the 1950s in the now defunct Charles Star CC. The two photos, one of a club ride up to Reekie Linn and the other a… Read More

    • Inspiration for cyclists

      Scot Tares finds social media can offer some inspiration after all. Like many people, I follow social media sites but often, at best, just skim over the inspirational, human-drama stories that often feature in them, but last week one in particular caught my eye. Rick Hoyt was born 43 years ago with a profound disability,… Read More

    • Cycling in the snow

      Scot Tares finds snow excuse for getting out on his bike. Sometimes it can be difficult to motivate yourself to get out on your bike, but when you do, these times are often the best rides that you can have. So it was a few Saturdays ago, as the snow came down heavily and I… Read More