Skinny Tyres – Booking Terms and Conditions

    These are the booking terms and conditions of Skinny Tyres Limited (“us”).  Please read these terms and conditions carefully. They apply to all bookings made by you (“you”) with, or through, us. ‘You’ includes other individuals included in your reservation and you accept full responsibility for the conduct of these other individuals on your trip and references throughout these terms and conditions to ‘you’ include these other individuals as far as the context permits. You acknowledge that any transaction you make using this website (including tailoring a bespoke trip) is subject to these terms and conditions. You confirm that you have read the trip details as set out on our website or as we have indicated to you and you have been provided with full information about the trip.

    Your contract with us

    The form of your contract with us will depend on whether you select a standard trip from our website or arrange a bespoke trip though us:

    Standard trip:      

    When you select a trip from our website and confirm your preferred payment method we will send you an email acknowledging your reservation request. Please note that this is not confirmation of your reservation. If we accept your reservation request we will confirm the details of your trip, including trip dates and price in writing by email (“Booking Confirmation”). Your contract with us will be formed when we send you the Booking Confirmation and will comprise of the Booking Confirmation and these terms and conditions.

    Bespoke trip:         If you request a bespoke trip, we will, based on your request, tailor a trip for you and email you an offer confirming the details of that trip for you to accept (“Booking Proposal”). The contract will be formed when we receive your acceptance of the Booking Proposal together with any prepayment or deposit as detailed in the Booking Proposal. Your contract will comprise of the Booking Proposal and these terms and conditions.

    In all cases your contract with us, as with these terms and conditions, will be governed by Scots law. Any disputes will be dealt with in the courts of Scotland.


    The balance of your trip must be paid in full no later than eight weeks before the trip departure date. If payments are not made on the due date, interest at a rate of three per cent (3%) above the base rate of the Bank of England shall be chargeable on any unpaid amounts from the due date until date of payment.

    Payment for our services can be made using a credit card or through our Sage Pay account.  If you pay by credit card, we may charge you for any handling fees we incur and pass on any charges relating to card charge backs. You will be notified of the relevant charges at the time of booking.  We will validate your personal details as supplied by you at the time of making your reservation against relevant third party databases to ensure that your credit card is not being used without your consent. To confirm your identity, your personal information may be disclosed to a registered credit reference agency which may record that information. This will not affect your credit rating. If the booking is being made with a third party credit card we may require written authorisation to be provided by the card holder.

    The prices we advertise on our website shall be relevant at the date published, but we reserve the right to change any of those prices from time to time. While we try and ensure that all prices on our website are accurate, errors may occur. If we discover an error in the price of a trip you have reserved we will give you the option of reconfirming your reservation at the correct price or cancelling it. If we are unable to contact you we will treat the reservation as cancelled. If you cancel in accordance with the foregoing provision and you have already paid for the trip, you will receive a full refund.

    Changes to your trip

    If you want to change your trip in any way or have particular requests for, or during, your trip, such as a dietary requirement, we will try to help you. However, we cannot guarantee that we will always be able to do this and if we do accommodate your change/request, you agree to meet any additional expense we may incur.

    From time to time, we may have to change details of your trip as a result of circumstances beyond our control. We will intimate notice of any change to you and where it is significant we will give you the opportunity to terminate the contract and cancel your trip. If you decide to terminate the contact we will refund any payment made by you less any monies incurred by us up to the date of the cancellation.


    If you wish to cancel a trip you may do so by notifying us in writing by email to []. Refunds will be processed to the form of payment used at the time of booking, subject to any cancellation charge, and made payable to the person who made the original payment. Cancellation charges will be as follows: 8-2 weeks’ notice- 50% of contract price; and less than 2 weeks’ notice- 100% of contract price.

    If we cancel your trip

    We shall be entitled to terminate the contract and therefore cancel your trip if you do not make full payment within the time-scales requested, and, in such circumstances, we will refund any payment made by you less any monies incurred by us up to the date of the cancellation.

    We will only operate trips that have exceeded the minimum requirement of six bookings. If this happens then we reserve the right to cancel and/ or reschedule the trip.We aim to provide your trip as booked. However, we reserve the right to cancel your trip in any justifiable circumstance beyond our control. If that happens, you can either have a refund or accept a replacement trip from us of equivalent or closely similar standard and price (if one is available). Should you choose this latter option the terms of your trip will not change and these terms and conditions will still apply.

    Your obligations to us

    If you have a complaint about your arrangements while on your trip, you must immediately notify the supplier of the service in question. If they are unable to resolve the problem immediately, you should contact us straight away and we will use our reasonable endeavours to assist. If you are still not satisfied, you must email us within twenty-eight days of returning from your trip to allow your complaint to be investigated properly. If you do not give us the opportunity to resolve any problem by reporting it to the supplier, or calling and informing us, then we may not be able to deal positively with any complaint on your return.

    We reserve the right to refuse to accept you as a customer or continue dealing with you or to cancel the remainder of your trip if your behaviour is disruptive or affects others on the trip or is threatening or abusive towards our staff or agents on the telephone, in writing or in person.

    You must be over 18 to enter into a contract with us.  You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the personal details or any other information supplied by you and all information provided by you will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. You hereby consent to us holding and using your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.

    Our obligations to you

    We will arrange for you to receive the services that make up the trip that you choose and that we have confirmed in accordance with these terms and conditions. These services will be provided with reasonable care and skill either directly by us or through independent suppliers contracted by us. We and/or our suppliers shall take reasonable care and skill to make sure that all the services which make up the trips advertised by us are provided by efficient and reputable businesses. We are responsible for making sure that each part of your trip is provided to a reasonable standard and as was advertised by us (or as changed and accepted by you).

    If your trip involves overnight accommodation, then your trip is a ‘package’ within the meaning of The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 (“the Regulations”) and you will enjoy the benefits conferred by it, including the requirement of us to provide security for the monies that you pay for the trip booked from us in the event of our insolvency.

    Our liability to you

    We have no direct control over the way our suppliers provide their services but everyone employed or contracted by us or by our suppliers is expected to carry out their duties in accordance with accepted standards of behaviour.

    Other than in respect of death or personal injury suffered by you, we are not liable to you for any loss or damage suffered as a result of any failures attributable to you or failure attributable to a third party unconnected with us or our suppliers, and we are not liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage.

    In any event, our total liability to you as an individual in relation to all claims arising out of or in connection with your contract with us shall be limited as follows:

    • If your trip is not a package in terms of the Regulations, our maximum liability shall be the sums paid to us in relation to your individual place on the trip; or
    • If your trip is a package in terms of the Regulations and your loss is damage other than personal injury, our maximum liability shall be limited to a sum three times the amount paid to us in relation to your individual place on the trip.

    Unless stated differently elsewhere in these terms and conditions, we will not pay any compensation, reimburse expenses or cover losses for any amount or otherwise accept responsibility if, as a result of circumstances beyond our control, we have to change your booking after it has been confirmed, or we, or our suppliers, cannot supply your booking as we or they have agreed or you suffer any material loss or damage of any description.  Circumstances beyond our control are events that we or the supplier in question, could not foresee or avoid, even after taking all reasonable care.

    Acknowledgement of risk

    By booking one of our trips, you:

    • acknowledge that you will be participating in an organised cycle and/or training event with us which will involve strenuous physical activity;
    • confirm that you are sufficiently medically fit for, and are not suffering from any health problems which will be exacerbated by, such activity. If you have any doubts or concerns about your health or fitness or are advised by us to seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner then you undertake to do so; and
    • recognise that cycling on public roads, particularly in mountainous areas, is an activity with a danger of personal injury and even death. You confirm that you are aware of and accept such risk and subject to these terms and conditions that you will be wholly responsible for your actions and involvement in this activity.


    You should ensure that you take out adequate travel insurance suitable for your needs before you travel.  We cannot be responsible for any costs you acquire as a result of you failing to do so. The insurance should cover against the costs of medical treatment, evacuation, loss of earnings and/or cost of care in the event that you suffer injury or illness during the trip and while travelling; against loss of or damage to your property (including your bicycle); against liability you might incur to third parties; and against costs you might incur in the event of cancellation or curtailment of the trip or your participation in it.