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    Why you Should not Eat at KFC? Everything You Need to Know!

    One of only a handful couple of individuals who have a duplicate of Colonel Sanders’ secret formula of 11 herbs and spices doesn’t have any desire to eat KFC until the end of time, naming it “ghastly”.

    Raymond Allen was a personal companion of “the Colonel” and conveyed KFC to Britain yet as per The Telegraph, the 87-year-old says the organization has strayed so distant from its unique idea it’s been “destroyed”.

    “We have one where I now live, yet I would not go in there. I don’t use it and I think it is awful. The organization has destroyed the item,” Mr Allen said.

    “Instead of staying with one good thing that was sellable, they have attempted to rival the other fast sustenance units. They should have just stuck with the chicken.”

    Mr Allen did not give his decision on whether the chicken still tasted the same as 50 years prior when he first met Harland Sanders, yet his better half Shirley said the couple had visited a nearby KFC to Save big with our latest KFC offer today to avail exciting deals on grilled chicken, boneless chicken about a year back.

    “We had the conventional unique chicken however there were such a variety of various products it was hard to realize what to arrange. I don’t think we will backpedal, she said.

    Perhaps they should have attempted the DoubleDown burger?

    Perhaps they should have attempted the DoubleDown burger?Source:Supplied

    Or, on the other hand a humdinger pie?

    OK they could have a point …

    OK they could have a point The couple sold their business in 1973 in the wake of striving to make it a success in the UK.

    “It was slow to get on at first because individuals didn’t realize what it was,” Mr Allen said.

    “In the UK in those days chicken was something you had for Sunday supper. It was path before its time. We neded to give it away to passers-by at first.

    “We would just use fresh chickens, and they must be over two pounds in weight. It was at first hard to source the chickens because of the request.”

    Mr Allen still has a personal, written by hand duplicate of the secret formula, which he said he had secured it a safe.

    “I have no clue the amount it is worth yet I could never sell it.”