Oct 13

Women and cycling

Under the bicycle’s influence, wholly or in part, have wilted chaperones, long and narrow skirts, tight corsets, hair that would come down, black stockings, thick ankles, large hats, prudery and fear of the dark; under its influence, wholly or in part, have blossomed weekends, strong nerves, strong legs, strong language, knickers, knowledge of make and shape, knowledge of woods and pastures, equality of sex, good digestion and professional occupation – in four words, the emancipation of women.

– John Galsworthy, Forsyte Saga

Skinny Tyres are about to release our dates for our Ladies Only cycling trips.

For details visit our Ladies Only Cycling Trips

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Jun 15

The Cairngorm 100 Sportive

Skinny Tyres takes on the Cairngorm Sportive

58th out of 240 riders wasn’t bad over the 100 mile course. I rode it in 5hrs 30mins, but had been on for a close 5hrs 10 and was flying only to blow in the last 25miles. When will I learn to keep eating and pace myself early on. Still a fantastic event on a fantastic route organised by Hands On Events that organise among others the Bealach Na Ba challenge.

Photos of all the riders can be found at Action Heroes

Jun 8

The Blackford Highland Games

Skinny Tyres swapped to slightly thicker knobbly tubs for our first go at grass track racing at the Blackford Highland Games. The first games of the season. The day was a scorcher and the racing was fast and furious of the shoulder to shoulder kind. It was certainly a shock to legs that had been used to racing on smooth roads!

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